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September 15, 2020.

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Bonnie holds live webinars at least once a month. Topics range from short to long term personal financial planning. If you were unable to attend, here are recordings of past webinars.

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Generating Retirement Income Cashflow

July 9, 2020

1. Income sources and how much do you need?
2. How to map Expenses to different types of Income
3. How to Plan for Long Term Care
4. How to generate Cashflows: ETFs, Structured Products, Annuities, REITs, MLPs


Retirement Income Planning

June 3, 2020

1. 6 Key Risks Facing Retirement Plans
2. Key Planning Questions
3. Income and Expense norm of Retirees
4. Key Expense Areas
5. Retirement Income Sources
6. Distribution Strategies


Student Debt

June 11, 2020

1. Health and Financial Stress and Impact on Workplace Productivity
2. Student Debt Repayment Strategies
3. CARES Act update on Student Debt Repayment
4. HSA Review and Benefits
5. CARES Act update on HSA


How to Invest Wisely

May 14, 2020

1. Updates on the market
2. Where are we in the recovery process
3. Updates on the market sector
• Which sectors are doing well
• Which sectors are not doing so well
4. How do you invest?
5. How do you manage volatility?
• How do you reduce risk?


Financial Budgeting

Wise Investing Financial Budgeting – Planning for Financial Uncertainty.

April 23, 2020

1. Purpose of Budget
2. Process of Budget
3. Cashflow Review
• Government Sources
• Personal
4. Managing Cashflow Discussion
• Cutting Expenses
• Increasing Revenue
• Managing Cashflow
5. Sample Budget Discussion
6. Planning for Tomorrow
• The New Norm
• You against your competitors


Coping with Financial Uncertainty during the Pandemic

April 9, 2020

1. Staying On Course
2. Work Benefits
• Currently still working, on furlough, reduced work time …
• Paid time off due to quarantine, family needs, health reasons
• Mental Health
3. Financial Aspect
• What if you are laid off…
• How to manage crisis moments when you have multiples bills to pay
4. Government Assistance
• Tax Filing and Payment Extension
• CARE Act 2020
5. SCAM Awareness